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6. Create a Job Guide Activity Wrap Up

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In this activity, you created your own job search guide.

First, you researched tips for finding a job in your town or city.

Then, you set goals for what you need or want in a job and explored some of the challenges you might face in reaching those goals.

You also created and contributed to a professional presentation in just a few steps.

You would use the same digital skills you learned in this activity to create a presentation for your work portfolio, sell ideas to potential business investors, or teach someone else about a subject you love.

You have probably had lots of conversations with friends, family, teachers, or mentors about finding a job.

But you may forget what you talked about.

Maybe you wrote down some ideas on paper, but those aren’t very easy to share.

Storing your ideas in a digital format, like a slides presentation or a Google document, allows you to collaborate easily with others.

Many people can access and contribute to the document, so you can all share and benefit from each others’ knowledge and experience.

Now that you know more about *what* you need to do to find a job, move on to the next activity where you will create a *plan* for completing these tasks.


Move on to the next activity.