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If you set up a meeting on the spot, you might begin a meeting and send the joining info to a team member. But if you’re scheduling a meeting in advance, you can also arrange video conferencing through your calendar. In this video, you will create a new calendar event and add video conferencing with teammates in your organization.

Scheduling a meeting in advance can help you and your team plan for the meeting.

You can include all of the relevant details and attach any important documents to the event, so that everyone can see them.

When it’s time for your meeting, you and your team can join directly from a link in the calendar event.

To get started, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to calendar-dot-google-dot-com.

Choose a date for your meeting.

Create a new event for you and your teammates to get together.

Choose a title that explains what the meeting is about.

Add guests by typing their email addresses.

You can invite guests in your organization, from another business, or even a Gmail account.

The meeting invitation will allow each guest to see the meeting on their calendar, too.

If the people you invite belong to your own organization, or if they have shared their calendar with you, you can choose a time that works for everyone.

Notice that the meeting link appears in the meeting invite when you add video conferencing to the meeting.

Some domains add video conferencing to each meeting automatically.

If your domain does this, notice that the link appears in the invite.

Attach any files you may need to reference during the video conference.

Then, send the invitations to your meeting.

Now, view the event on your own calendar, and join the meeting when you’re ready to work with your team!

Your teammates will receive an email inviting them to the meeting.

They can RSVP directly from the email.

They can choose to accept, decline, or reply “maybe” to the invitation.

They can also propose a new time or add a note.

They can join the meeting right from their email invitation.

Or from the event that appears on their calendar.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new calendar event, Select guests, Choose a meeting time, Attach relevant files, Send the invitation, and join the meeting from the event.


  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Create a new calendar event.
  3. Select guests.
  4. Attach relevant files.
  5. Send the invitation.
  6. Join the meeting from the event.