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Google Meet has many of the same features as an in-person meeting.

You can involve multiple people, include presentations, and collaborate with others.

And, video conferencing with a tool like Meet can enhance your meeting with features like live captions in English.

In this video, you will manage your virtual meeting by choosing the right settings for what you see and hear.

You will customize the layout, camera, and microphone settings in your meeting view, so that you can interact with your teammates effectively.

When you hold a meeting with several other people, you will notice their images on your screen.

To keep one participant in view, pin their image.

Pinning a participant makes their image the primary one you see.

When you pin an image, it becomes the main view in your layout Layouts arrange your virtual meeting space so that you can see everyone involved.

Choose a new layout for your meeting.

By default, Meet chooses a layout for you.

This “auto” layout will adjust your view of the meeting based on which participant is speaking and whether anyone is presenting material on their screen.

A “tiled” layout shows several video feeds in equal size.

If one person is presenting, the “side by side” layout shows their presentation with participants on the side.

This allows you to continue to see the presenter as they speak.

In a “spotlight” layout, the presentation, active speaker, or pinned feed fills the window completely. If you choose a “sidebar” layout, you To help your meeting run smoothly, you can choose to mute your microphone.

If the room where you’re working is noisy, or if other people are working nearby, you may choose to mute your microphone to help the people in your virtual meeting concentrate.

And, if your video conference involves a lot of people, you can ask other participants to mute their microphones, to make it easier for everyone to hear who is speaking.

You can turn your camera off to remove any visual distractions or improve the quality of the call if participants have a poor network connection.

Turning off your camera can help everyone else in your meeting focus on what’s most important.

Adjust your computer’s camera or video quality if you have a poor network connection, low battery, or limited data available.

To make your meeting accessible to everyone, add live captions.

Meet uses machine learning to detect what the speaker is saying and provide text to support their message.

Captions make it easier for everyone to understand the meeting.

Adjust the settings in your video to manage the atmosphere of your meeting.

Make sure everyone can see, hear, and read what they need to know.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a new layout, Pin a participant, Mute your microphone, Hide the camera, and add captions to the meeting.


  1. Select a new layout.
  2. Pin a participant.
  3. Mute the microphone.
  4. Hide the camera.
  5. Add captions.