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In this video, you will use Google Meet to give a remote presentation.

Giving a digital presentation with Meet can help you: Train new employees from far away, Brainstorm and edit proposals with remote team members, Hold virtual conferences to communicate your ideas, Present a remote sales pitch Share your meeting notes, projects, and research with international stakeholders.

To begin, record the meeting. Enterprise users can record any kind of video conference in Meet.

Recording a presentation can help you: Make training materials available on demand to students or new employees, Document meetings that people can’t physically attend, and refer back to a meeting later.

Ask your teammates’ permission before recording the meeting so that everyone knows their participation will be saved as a video.

Once the recording has begun, new and existing guests will see an icon that reminds them the meeting is being recorded.

Next, access the files you need for your presentation.

To share relevant materials with everyone in the conference, locate the Meeting Attachments right from the meeting itself.

If you have shared notes for the meeting or a brainstorming document you want everyone to see, sharing your attachments will make sure they’re available to all of the people in the meeting.

Or, if you want to deliver a training or stakeholder update, you can share a digital slideshow.

You can share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, or files from any other application.

Now, share your screen with your teammates.

Allowing other meeting participants to see your screen can save you time and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Next, select which part of your screen you want to share.

If you choose to present your entire screen, anything you do on your computer screen will be visible to people in the call.

If you choose to present a window, they will only see the browser window you select.

And, you can choose to present only one tab from your window.

If you present only one tab, your audience will see only the content on that tab, not the others open on your computer.

Presenting with one tab is the best way to show animations or audio.

As you’re giving your presentation, your teammates may have questions.

Access the chat feature to communicate with everyone as you go.

Chatting alongside a virtual presentation can give your teammates a space to ask questions, share feedback, or chime in on your key points.

To conclude your presentation, stop sharing your screen.

And when you’re finished with your meeting, end the recording.

Recordings are saved to the organizer’s Meet Recordings folder in My Drive.

An email with the recording link is also sent to the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording.

The link is also added to the Calendar event.

To find the recording later, find the Recordings folder in your drive and open the meeting.

You can use the recording to review the main points, find clarification about what you covered, and circulate the meeting to anyone who wasn’t able to attend.

Now, it’s your turn: Record the meeting, Share your screen with teammates, View the Meeting Attachments, Chat with meeting participants, and Find the recorded meeting in your drive.


  1. Record a meeting.
  2. Share your screen with teammates.
  3. View the “Meeting Attachments”.
  4. Chat with meeting participants.
  5. Save the recorded meeting to Drive.