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When you organize a conference on Google Meet, you can manage the guests and quality of the video call.

In this extension, you will moderate a video call by muting participants and controlling who can enter the call.

Moderating a meeting can help everyone collaborate without distractions.

To get started, mute one participant’s microphone.

You can mute a participant to remove any sound coming from their area.

If a team member is taking the meeting from a public place or from a room with lots of background noise, muting their microphone can help everyone focus.

Mute dial-in guests as well to remove any feedback from their surroundings.

Now, manage the guests who participate in the video conference.

If someone who was not originally invited tries to join the video conference, any meeting participant from your organization can allow them to enter.

You can allow someone new to join the call if you need a quick answer about a question.

Or, if a brainstorm during the video conference makes you realize that the call is relevant to someone else, you can allow them to enter on the spot.

Next, remove someone from the call.

If someone moves away from their computer without exiting the video conference, you can remove them from the meeting to save their computer’s bandwidth.

Managing the participants and sound quality can help you brainstorm with colleagues, keep everyone focused, and get the answers you need while you collaborate.

Now, it’s your turn: Mute another person’s microphone, Accept a request to join the call, and remove someone from the meeting.

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Moderate a Meeting

Manage a video call by muting other participants or removing someone from the meeting.

Manage Sound and Video Quality

Adjust audio and video settings in Google Meet to preserve the quality of a video conference.

Join a Meeting from a Telephone

Dial into a video meeting from the telephone. Then, add a new participant from the telephone to allow guests who lack a network connection.

Live Stream a Video Meeting

Create a live stream event to meet with a large audience.