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In this video, you will manage the sound and video quality of a video call to keep a meeting running smoothly.

Adjusting the settings of a virtual meeting can help you improve the quality of a call.

Use these settings to make sure everyone can see, hear, and participate fully in the meeting.

First, access the settings to view the microphone and camera used in your meeting.

These settings allow you to modify what you see and hear during your video conference.

Now, examine your own video feed to see what other participants will see in the Meet.

Select a new camera if you would prefer to use a different webcam than the one built in to your computer.

You can also use an external microphone with better sound quality than your computer’s built-in device.

Choose a new microphone to improve the sound quality of your call.

Now, test the speakers to ensure that they work properly.

If you want to improve your sound quality, you can select other speakers or headphones too.

Now, reduce the bandwidth of your video and audio.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred online.

Reducing your bandwidth can keep your video from lagging if you have a slower internet connection.

Meet automatically adjusts the quality of your call to provide the best experience, but you can control the settings, too.

If you’re experiencing a poor network connection, such as video feed delays or freezing, changing the resolution to standard definition can help you continue to participate in the Meet.

High definition uses more data, but sends and receives a better quality picture.

Standard definition uses less data, but sends or receives a lower quality picture.

Show one video at a time if you want to save even more of your bandwidth.

For example, to keep your video feed but limit the bandwidth you use in the video call, show only the person speaking.

Choose “Audio Only” to turn off your camera entirely.

Turning off the camera can remove visual distractions and help everyone focus on what’s most important.

Each of these settings can help you manage the overall quality of the call.

Communicating with clear sound and visual feeds allows everyone to connect with business partners, collaborate with teammates, and meet new business demands remotely.

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