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Google Meet allows you to connect with business partners and colleagues remotely.

Sometimes, you may want to participate in a meeting when you cannot be physically near your computer.

In this video, you will join a video call from a telephone.

Calling in to a meeting allows you to continue your brainstorming, collaboration, pitches, or business review, even when you do not have access to a video device or network connection.

To begin, locate the joining info from a scheduled meeting.

Now, use your telephone to dial the unique phone number attached to the event.

Wait for the prompt and then enter the access code PIN to start working with your team or business partners.

If you dial in directly from the Meet or Calendar mobile applications, the joining call will automatically connect you without the pin.

If you want to listen to the call but not participate, press “star-6” on your phone keypad to mute your microphone.

You can use this shortcut to turn the microphone back on if you need to share your thoughts or ideas with the group.

When you organize a video call from a computer or device with a network connection, you may choose to add someone new to the meeting using their phone number.

If one of your teammates or contacts needs to join a meeting form their phone, add them as a guest yourself.

If someone new joins your meeting from a phone, verify that they are the correct participant to keep your organization’s information safe.

Use telephone participation when you, your team, or your business partners can’t be in the meeting through a network connection.

Participating by telephone can keep your business running smoothly even if you are traveling, experiencing network issues, or away from your computer.

Now, it’s your turn: Find the joining info for a scheduled Meet, Dial in to a meeting, Use the automatically-generated PIN to enter a meeting, and add someone else to the meeting using their phone number.

Choose an extension
Moderate a Meeting

Manage a video call by muting other participants or removing someone from the meeting.

Manage Sound and Video Quality

Adjust audio and video settings in Google Meet to preserve the quality of a video conference.

Join a Meeting from a Telephone

Dial into a video meeting from the telephone. Then, add a new participant from the telephone to allow guests who lack a network connection.

Live Stream a Video Meeting

Create a live stream event to meet with a large audience.