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Before sending your CV to a potential employer, college admissions officer, scholarship committee, or other decision-maker, you will need to: finish filling in your CV template, edit the CV, check the spacing and formatting, and share your CV with someone else for feedback.

When job-hunting, it’s also a good idea to match the descriptions of your previous experience to the position you are applying for.

In this extension, you will practice opening your CV from Google Drive so you can complete the final steps of building your CV . Because your CV is saved in your Drive, you can open it from any computer with internet access and work on it anytime.

To practice finding your CV in your Drive, open a new tab or window.

If you have not used the computer you are working on before, go to and sign in to your Google account.

Then, open Google Drive.

All of the projects you have worked on using Google apps are stored in Google Drive.

Locate your CV draft in your Drive. If you do not see the file right away, search your Drive for a term you used in your CV, which probably won’t show up in other files.

For example, type the name of a company you worked for or the name of a qualification you have earned. The file contains those words, so it will appear as a search result.

Click on the file to open it in Google Docs, and start editing.

Storing your files in your Google Drive makes it easy to edit them, which is useful when you are applying for many different jobs. You will be able to easily update a CV to match each job you are applying for. And when you get a new job, you can add it to your CV.

You can even download the Google Docs app on a tablet or mobile device for more flexibility. Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Drive, Search for your CV, Open the file, And start editing.

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Open Your CV from Drive

Practice opening your CV from Google Drive so you can complete the final steps of building your CV.

Add Bullet Points to Your CV

Add bullet points to your CV to organize the descriptions of your work, volunteer, or other relevant experience.

Change the Color of Your CV Headings

Change the colors in your CV.

Make a Copy of Your CV

Make a copy of your CV to tailor it to multiple jobs you might apply for.

Write a Summary Statement

Add a summary statement to your CV.

Save Your CV as a PDF File

Save your CV as a PDF file so it’s ready to send to an employer.


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