7. Arrange Your CV Draft

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All CV templates include sections for your contact information, experience, and education.

Some templates have additional sections, such as: A summary about you or your professional or educational objectives, An area to list awards or accomplishments, A section for technology skills or tools you are familiar with, such as apps or software programs, Or a list of languages you speak.

In this video, you will choose to either fill in, change, or delete other sections of your CV template.

To begin, decide if you want to replace a section of your template with something that fits better. For example, perhaps the type of work or activity you’re applying for requires references from a former manager, colleague, or advisor. You could title the “language” section “references” instead.

Then, fill in the information you want to include.

A template is a useful starting point for a CV draft because it provides you with a clear, professional structure and format. But you can always change the template to fit your needs. Continue reading the remaining sections in your template. Choose which ones you want to change… Which ones you want to delete ... And which ones you want to move to a different place.

Excellent! You are on your way to creating a professional CV that demonstrates your experience, education, and more.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose which sections of your CV template you want to change, delete, or move. And fill in any additional information.


  1. Choose which sections of your CV template you want to change, delete, or move.
  2. Fill in any additional information.