Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

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While email is useful for many workplace conversations, sometimes it’s better to meet in person or in a video conference.

That way you can have a more detailed conversation, discuss private or confidential matters, or invite input from a larger group.

In this extension, you will set up a meeting.

You will outline the purpose of your meeting, choose a time and place to meet, and invite 1 or more people to attend.

This video uses Google Calendar, but you can use these skills in any calendar application.

To start, open Google Calendar.

View by month so you can easily choose a date for your meeting.

Create a new meeting invitation.

Then, add a title.

Next, add guests using their email addresses.

Choose a time for your meeting.

You can also use the Find a Time tab to see your schedule and any meetings or events you already have saved in your calendar for that day.

Decide if you want to give group members the ability to see the attendee list or make changes to the event, such as the time and location.

Next, add the location.

If anyone is unable to attend the meeting in person, provide the option to attend with a video conference call, such as Google Meet.

Or, have the whole meeting via Meet.

Finally, add a note for attendees.

Describe the purpose of the meeting and how they should prepare.

Keep your message clear, concise, and professional.

Save the meeting and send a notification.

Each guest will receive an email invitation with a request to reply.

Every time someone responds to the invitation, you will receive an email showing their response.

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