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Sometimes you read an important email but don’t have time to respond immediately.

To keep the email from getting lost in a crowded inbox, snooze the message.

The email will disappear from your inbox, then appear again as new on a date and time that you select.

In this extension, you will send yourself a message to practice snoozing an email.

To start, create a new message.

Add your email address as the recipient.

Then, write a subject line and a message.

Send the email.

When it appears in your inbox, open it.

Pretend this is an important email you need to reply to later.

Messages you have opened are automatically marked Read.

Mark the email as Unread so it remains bolded in your inbox.

This will help get your attention later, when you have time to reply.

Then, snooze the email so it will reappear at a new time.

Select a time for the email to reappear in your inbox.

You might want to snooze an email until the end of the day, the following day, or even Monday morning.

Choose a time that you will be available to give the email your full attention.

For this lesson, pick a time a minute or 2 from now.

This way, you can see the process in action.

Save your setting.

Notice that the email disappears from your inbox.

The email will appear in your inbox again, labeled as new at the time you selected.

Nice work!

If you snooze an email and later decide you want to look at it before the timer is up, look in your Snoozed folder.

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