Create Labels or Folders for Specific Projects

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Sometimes having many emails in your inbox can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for.

In this extension, you will create labels to organize your emails by specific projects, people, or topics.

Labels make your email easier to search and manage.

To start, open your Gmail account.

Choose an email from your inbox.

Then, click the button to label the email.

Create a new label. Consider using: The name of a project...

...the date of a deadline... ...a client or coworker...

...general maintenance labels, like employment paperwork or timesheets...

...or a personal label.

Create at least 3 labels to classify emails for specific projects or people.

You can label an email more than once, with a project and a client’s name, for example, so you can find the email using either folder.

Or, create a label that nests under another label, like a subfolder.

Later, when you’re looking for a specific email, click on the folders with the label you created.

Remove labels that are no longer relevant.

The folders you created will still be there, even if they’re empty.

Edit label names, if you’d like.

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