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When you’re out of the office, it’s a good idea to inform people about when you will be available again.

In this extension, you will create an automated out-of-office response, or a vacation responder, so that anyone who emails you will automatically receive a response.

To start, open your email account.

This extension uses Gmail, but out-of-office messages are available in most email applications.

Open the settings.

Find the vacation responder section.

Turn on the responder.

Set the dates you will be out of the office, or the dates you would like the email sent automatically.

Write a subject line.

Include the dates you will be out, plus the most important information about your schedule.

Then, write the email. Use a professional email format with a greeting, body, and closing.

If you won’t be available for emails or phone calls while you’re away, include the name and contact information of someone who can answer any questions you would normally handle.

Finally, choose who you’d like to receive your message.

And save your changes.

If your travel is extended, adjust the dates.

When you return to the office, check to make sure the automatic response is turned off.

If you set an end date, this will happen automatically.

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