Create a Template Email or Canned Response

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In this extension, you will create a canned response, or a template, to use whenever you need a quick, pre-formatted response to an email.

You can even create a canned response from the emails you created in this lesson.

To start, open the settings in Gmail.

In the advanced tab, enable templates.

Then, return to your inbox and compose a new message.

If there is an email you write regularly, type it now.

If not, that’s okay.

Make up the details for now.

You can edit the message later to suit your needs.

You may want to use placeholders for names, numbers or other information to update each time you send the email.

Include a subject line.

Then, open the options menu in your email.

Create a new template.

The subject line is automatically used as the name of the template.

Or, choose a new title.

Then, test your template.

Close the email you created, and create a new one.

Open the options menu again, and insert the template you just created.

If you’d like to change your template in the future, make changes in the message...

...and save the template.

If you no longer need the template, delete it.

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