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4. Edit and Send Your Email

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The email drafts you created during this lesson is are starting points for communicating with someone in the future. Return to your drafts when the situation arises, or edit them for other situations. If you don’t have a specific reason to send someone an email you outlined in this lesson, send it to yourself.

Every email you write in Gmail is automatically saved as a draft until you send it or delete it.

To find the email you wrote, open your Drafts folder.

Click to open the message.

Edit the message to reflect the current situation. You might need to change: The name of the recipient Vacation or due dates Meeting times Or coworkers’ names.

Proofread your message. Then add the email address of the recipient in the to field. To practice, use your email address.

Update the subject line.

Then send the email.

Now that you’ve sent the email, it is no longer saved in your drafts folder. It appears in your sent folder.

And, because you sent the email yourself, it also appears in your Inbox.

In your inbox, open the email you sent yourself.

Practice replying to your message. Open the options menu.

Choose the option to reply.

When an email includes multiple recipients, there is also an option to reply all. When you reply to an email, you write back to the person who sent it to you. When you reply all, you include everyone who received the original email in your response. Sometimes this is useful. Other times, it’s better to keep responses to a minimum. Consider whether everyone on the original email should be included in your reply. Write a brief message, then send the email to yourself again.

You’ve sent and replied to an email.

Find this and any other email you’ve sent in your sent folder.

If you’d like, copy and paste the message into a new email to keep it as a draft.

Great work! Now, it’s your turn: Open an email from the drafts folder, and edit it for a specific situation, Send the message to yourself. And reply to your new email.


  1. Open an email from the Drafts folder and edit it for a specific situation.
  2. Send the message to yourself.
  3. Reply to your new email.