Share Your Business Plan for Feedback

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In this extension, you will share your document with another person to request and receive feedback on your business plan.

You will: Proofread your document, Share your document with someone by email, Give them access to make comments, And include a message asking for their feedback.

To begin, spell check your document.

View words found during the spell check and choose to change, ignore, or add them to your dictionary.

Spell check suggests correct spellings for commonly misspelled words.

Change misspelled words to suggested spellings.

There may be words in your document -- such as specific business, product, or place names -- that spell check doesn’t recognize.

Ignore these words if they occur infrequently, so that spell check doesn’t underline the term as incorrect.

Ignore all uses of the word if it appears several times in your document.

If you use a word often that spell check identifies as a misspelling, like your business name or neighborhood, add it to your dictionary.

The word won’t appear as a misspelling next time you spell check the documents in your drive.

You can also spell check individual words by selecting them and viewing spell check options.

Finish your spell check and add any needed words to your personal dictionary.

Next, share your document with another person.

Type the email of the person you want to share your business plan with.

Then, give them permission: To view To comment Or to edit your document.

Notify and write a brief message to the person you’re sharing your plan with.

Then send your message.

Then, leave comments in your business plan asking for feedback.

Direct your comments to the person you shared the document with.

Add additional comments anywhere that you would like feedback.

Assign comments to specific people so that they can resolve the comment once completed.

Now, it’s your turn: Spell check your document, Share your business plan with someone by email, And include a note inviting them to comment on your business plan.

Indicate areas where you would like feedback using comments in your document, Assign comments to specific people so that they can resolve the comment once completed.

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Share Your Business Plan for Feedback

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