Add a Header and Footer to Your Document

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In this extension, you will add a header and a footer to your document.

A header is the space at the top of a document page.

Headers often contain information about the document or author, such as a company or the author’s identifying information and the title of the document.

Footers are located at the bottom of the page.

They often detail a document’s creation or updated dates, copyrights, references, or page numbers.

Headers and footers repeat the same information on every page in a document without having to type it over and over again.

To begin, add a header to your business plan.

Include your company name and state that your document is a business plan.

Because your title is already on the first page, use a different header.

Or leave the first page’s header blank to avoid crowding.

Then add a footer to your first page.

Add a brief note indicating that the information in your business plan is confidential.

Or, add the date that your file was last updated so you know how current your business plan is.

Great work adding headers and footers to your business plan!

Now, it’s your turn: Insert and edit a header, and insert and edit a footer.

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