3. Search for Activities Online and Add Details to Spreadsheet

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In this video, you will use Google Search to find activities in your local area that you would like to participate in. Then, you will record the details for each activity in your spreadsheet. Planning activities requires organization and preparation. Because you organized your spreadsheet with column labels, you can quickly add details about each activity as you find them online.

Listing your activities’ details reduces the chance of forgetting important information and missing out on a fun opportunity. To begin, open a new tab in your browser and go to Google Search. In the search box, type one or two words to describe the activity you would like to search for, as well as your city and state or another word to describe your location. Scroll through the search results. Look for websites such as your city or state’s official tourism website, as these will usually include the most up-to-date and extensive information about activities in your area.

When you find a website, browse through it to look for potential activities you might want to participate in.

Once you’ve found an activity, look for details that you can add to your spreadsheet planner.

Then, go back to your spreadsheet and add details for the activity.

Add any notes about the activity, if necessary.

For example, an event may have free admission, but a specific activity within the event could cost extra. You can add a note as a reminder for later.

Continue adding activities until you have at least five listed in your spreadsheet.

For some activities, you might not need to search online for details. For example, you can list activities you’ve been invited to by friends or family, activities you’ve learned about through a flyer, or activities you would like to organize yourself.

When you’re finished adding activities, align your activity details to make your spreadsheet easy to read and visually appealing.

Then, format your date column. This gives all of the dates a consistent look.

Now, sort your sheet so your activities are in order by date.

This gives it an organized and neat appearance and helps you keep track of your plans so you don’t miss out on an activity. It can also show you if some activities conflict, so you can make a choice. Select the range of cells that contains all of the columns in your spreadsheet, including each heading.

Now sort your entries.

Because your spreadsheet has headings, you can sort by date, activity name, or whatever you like.

For this lesson, you’ll sort by date.

Notice that the information in your other columns -- Time, Activity, Details, Location, Cost, and Notes -- have also been sorted to correspond to the new order of dates.

Now, it’s your turn: Use Google Search to find activities to add, Add activity details to spreadsheet, Align activity details, Format dates, And sort the spreadsheet in order of date.


  1. Use Google Search to find activities to add.
  2. Add activity details to spreadsheet.
  3. Align activity details.
  4. Format dates.
  5. Sort the spreadsheet in order of date.