4. Plan Seasonal Activities in Google Sheets Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you used Google Sheets and Google Search to organize, research, and record details for seasonal activities you would like to participate in.

By taking the time to plan out your activities that take place over a period of weeks or months, you are better prepared, lessening the chance that you accidentally miss out on a fun opportunity. To organize your spreadsheet, you… Created and named a new spreadsheet, Renamed the sheet tab to identify the season...

Created column headings for each of the activity details...

Formatted your spreadsheet by bolding and aligning the column headings, and changing the background and text color of the headings row to make it stand out, Wrapped the text on the entire sheet and increased the width of the columns to make details easy to read, Researched activities online, Added activity details to the spreadsheet...

And formatted dates and sorted the activities by date in the order of occurrence.

As you learn of new activities, add them to your spreadsheet. Keeping your activities organized can help you make better decisions about what to attend, and help you make sure you can go to the activities you want to do most.

When the season is over, you can make notes on the activities you did, then copy a new sheet for the next season with the same categories.

If you continue adding sheets over time, you’ll have a record of what you did when you get back to the season again, and have a better idea of what was fun, or what to skip next time.

You also can apply these skills to other projects. You might organize holiday plans, plan a trip with friends or family, or plan events for a club, group, or project you’re involved in.

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Certificate of Completion

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