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In the main lesson, you organized a spreadsheet to plan seasonal activities. In this extension lesson, you will add a calendar for your seasonal activities to help you stay organized and on time, lessening the chance that you forget and miss out on an activity you’ve planned.

To complete this lesson, you will create a new calendar with Google Calendar for your seasonal activities. Using a new calendar makes your seasonal activities a different color and stand out from other activities, events, or meetings you may already have added to your full calendar. To begin, open your seasonal activities planner spreadsheet.

Next, open a new tab in your browser and open your Google Calendar.

Then, add a new calendar to your calendar application.

Give your new calendar a name.

And add a description.

Then, create the calendar.

To return to your full calendar, click “Settings.”

Change the color of your activities calendar. Choose a color you like.

Make sure the check box next to your new calendar is checked so your activities show up in your calendar.

Now, create an activity.

Choose the activities calendar you created.

Give your activity a title. Use your spreadsheet to help you with the details you’ll be adding.

Select the day your event happens. Add the times when it begins ....

And ends. And save your event.

Now you have a way to keep track of planned activities so you don’t miss out on a fun opportunity.

By creating a new calendar and adding a custom color, you have a clear way of seeing everything in your full calendar that matters to you.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a new calendar, Name your calendar and give it a description, Add a custom color for the new calendar, And add a new activity to the calendar.

Choose an extension
Add a Task List with Checkboxes

In two new columns, add tasks for activities and insert checkboxes. Then, mark off each task as it is completed.

Add Activities to Calendar

Add a new calendar in Google Calendar for your planned seasonal activities.

Add Map Directions to Activities Planner

Create mapped directions for an activity using Google Maps and generate a URL link to the directions. Then, paste the URL link in your spreadsheet.


Choose an extension to continue practicing planning activities with Google Sheets.