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Planning your seasonal activities in a spreadsheet is a useful way to stay organized.

For some activities, you may need to complete a task to prepare for it ahead of time.

For example, if you’re planning to attend a potluck dinner at someone’s home, you may need to prepare a side dish to bring to the meal.

To keep track of things you’ll need to do, you can add a list of tasks that you need to complete for your activities, and add a checklist to keep track of the tasks.

Once you’ve completed a task, you can mark the check box next to it.

To complete this lesson, you will: Insert two new columns in your spreadsheet, Label the column headers, Add a list of tasks, And add checkboxes and mark the tasks that have been completed.

To begin, open the spreadsheet you created in the main lesson.

Next, insert two new columns to the right of your Notes column.

Add a label to the first new column for tasks.

Label the other column “Task Checklist”.

Then, insert checkboxes in the cells of the task checklist column.

Reduce the width of the checklist column.

Now, in the tasks column, type tasks that you need to do for at least one of your activities.

Once you’re done adding tasks, adjust the width of the tasks column, or other columns, so that all of your data is visible on the spreadsheet.

This enables you to view all of the details for your activities.

When you’ve completed a task to prepare for an activity, you can click the box that corresponds to the task. Leave the boxes unchecked for the tasks you are working on or haven’t started yet.

Now you have a helpful and efficient way to keep track of tasks for your planned activities.

This reduces the chance of accidentally forgetting to do something and ensures your activities will be worry-free and successful.

Now, it’s your turn: Add and label two new columns, Insert checkboxes into the task checklist column, Type tasks in the tasks column, Adjust the width of the columns, And check off the boxes for tasks that have been completed.

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Add a Task List with Checkboxes

In two new columns, add tasks for activities and insert checkboxes. Then, mark off each task as it is completed.

Add Activities to Calendar

Add a new calendar in Google Calendar for your planned seasonal activities.

Add Map Directions to Activities Planner

Create mapped directions for an activity using Google Maps and generate a URL link to the directions. Then, paste the URL link in your spreadsheet.


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