7. Plan Effective Meetings Wrap-Up

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In this activity, you created an agenda template for a collaborative and effective meeting.

You outlined the different sections of the meeting in a document, including The meeting’s title and purpose, Logistics, unfinished and new business, action items, and information for the next meeting.

Then you formatted the template so that it was organized and easy to read.

You copied the template and updated the information for a specific meeting date.

You outlined agenda items and expectations for the meeting.

You invited attendees to offer suggestions and collaborate on the document before holding the meeting.

Then you prepared to conduct an effective meeting by keeping in mind best practices such as sharing the agenda, starting on time, asking for input, and assigning action items.

The digital skills you learned can help you create agendas for many situations inside the workplace or at home.

You could create a similar document to outline an agenda for a school committee, coordinate a volunteer training session, or collaborate with family members for a reunion.

Whatever types of agenda templates you create, you can use the digital skills and planning tips you learned in this activity to prepare for and conduct an effective meeting every time!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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