Conduct a Meeting Using Google Meet

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While most people think of meetings as a large  group gathered around a conference table, not all meetings need to be conducted  in person. In this extension, you will conduct a meeting virtually, using Google Meet. If colleagues or group members work remotely or won’t be with the rest of the team on the day of  the meeting, they can attend virtually. This can be by phone or via the internet in a video chat. Anyone can connect to a virtual conversation using Google Meet with the camera and microphone  on their computer or mobile device.

To start, open your meeting  invite in Google Calendar, and click the link to join with Google Meet. If you do not have a meeting invite, you can start a meeting yourself. Open a new tab and  type in your address bar.

If you’re in a classroom, find a partner to  invite to your meeting. Or practice using Meet by inviting a friend to a meeting. Start a video call.

Then, invite anyone who will be  connecting to the meeting virtually.

If you want people to hear but  not see you, turn off the video.

Test your microphone and video  by adjusting the settings.

As people join your meeting, you  will see their faces or avatars on your screen. You will hear them speaking, and they will hear you. If you don’t want  others to hear you, mute your microphone.

To cut down on background noise, ask people to  mute their microphones when they aren’t speaking.

To make the meeting agenda  appear on attendee screens, share your screen. While you're sharing, your  screen will be visible to all other attendees.

Open another tab in your browser, navigate to Google Drive, and open your meeting  agenda or any other document you’d like to share.

You can share your entire screen,  a window, or a Chrome tab.

Now meeting attendees can follow along as you  progress through the agenda and type in notes.

If someone else is taking notes during  the meeting, everyone will be able to see the changes to the document in real time.

You can stop presenting your screen at any time.

When your meeting ends, hang up to exit the call.

Now, it’s your turn: Click the Meet link in Calendar to start your virtual meeting. Share your screen.

Open the meeting agenda in Drive to present. And exit the Google Meet call to end the meeting.

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