4. Vacation Wrap Up

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Congratulations on building a budget If you haven’t already, compare the trip you planned with a neighbor or the rest of your class.

Would you budget differently to get even more for your money?

As you have found, traveling requires a lot of preparation and research on a lot of different topics.

Budgeting your money ahead of time can help you get the most out of every dollar you worked so hard to save.

And using a spreadsheet helps you organize, calculate, and store all of the costs you researched.

There are many blogs, travel guides, and apps that can help you find the best deals and budget your money.

Apps are available for almost any aspect of traveling.

For example, check out how Destinations on Google can help you plan flights and itineraries, and even compare costs at different times of the year.

Just search for your destination; Compare prices and dates; And filter to fit your budget.

You can even plan your itinerary for the whole trip!

Using an app like this in conjunction with a spreadsheet can help you have a fantastic vacation AND stay within your budget.

You will probably be surprised at how quickly the costs add up--and how much money you can save by planning those costs ahead of time!