1. Choose an Event

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In this activity, you will use a *document* to collect ideas and collaborate digitally about an event you want to plan.

Event planning can be a lot of work.

Digital tools can make this process easier.

Think about some events you might like to plan.

Maybe you want to hold fundraiser.

Or you could organize a family reunion; Or a business event.

These videos will use a community yard sale as an example, but you should choose an event that *you* want to plan.

Once you’ve selected an event, Headings help organize information-- making documents easier to read and navigate.

A table of contents provides links to the headings, so readers can move quickly to a specific section.

To start, create a new document.

Go to Google.com and sign in, if you haven’t already.

Open Google Drive.

Then, start a new Google Doc.

Name the document “Event Plan.”

Next, add your event.

Type “Event Information” and the name of your event.

Then, move on to the next video to continue planning.

Now, it’s your turn: Brainstorm events you’d like to plan.

Create a new Google Doc and name it Event Plan.

Add your event.

Then, move on to the next video to start planning your event.


  1. Brainstorm events you'd like to plan.
  2. Open Google Drive
  3. Create a new document and name it Event Plan. Add your event.