1. Plan with a Spreadsheet

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In this activity, you will create a spreadsheet to track the tasks necessary to make your event a success.

Depending on your event, you might have to: Find a location Set up equipment Decorate Make advertisements Publicize Or order food.

You might know that spreadsheets can be used to analyze data.

But you can also use them for a variety of other tasks.

For example, you could: Create a budget A schedule A time sheet Or a roster for a sports team.

You could start with a *blank* spreadsheet for any of these, but Google Sheets also provides *templates" A template keeps you from having to start from scratch *every time* you make a spreadsheet.

For this activity, you’ll use the “To Do List” template and adapt it to fit your needs Within this template, you’ll: organize information, add and sort columns, and copy and paste formatting.

To start, go to Google. com and open Google Drive.

Select a new Google Sheets template.

Google frequently adds new templates, so don’t worry if the list you see looks different from the one here.

Find and select “To Do List.”

Name the spreadsheet “Event To Do List.”

Then, move on to the next video where you’ll learn some basic spreadsheet terminology.

Now, it’s your turn: Open the to do list template in Google Sheets.

Name the sheet “Event To Do List.”

Then, click the “Next Arrow” to move on.


  1. Open the to-do list template in Google Sheets.
  2. Name the sheet "Event To Do List."