Add a Sheet to Organize Additional Contacts

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Your address book spreadsheet will continue to expand as you add new contacts.

You might have contacts that you’d like to group together separately.

Adding new sheets to your address book can help you group together contacts for all kinds of activities and relationships and help you connect with people much more efficiently.

For example, you could add a new sheet for people who belong to a group you’ve organized, or people you volunteer with on a community project.

You could even make a new sheet for your neighbors or coworkers.

In this extension, you will add a new sheet to your spreadsheet address book to organize additional contacts.

You will: Duplicate your current sheet, Rename your sheet, And add contacts for additional people in the new sheet.

To begin, go to Google Drive and open your address book spreadsheet.

Next, duplicate your sheet.

This will save you time so you won’t have to label and format column headers for your new sheet.

Rename your duplicated sheet to reflect the type of contacts you will be adding to it.

Then, delete all of the data in the cells except for the column header row.

Now, add your new contacts to the sheet.

Remember that If you don’t know someone’s contact information, you can always add it to the spreadsheet later.

When you’re finished adding your contacts, review your spreadsheet to make sure everything looks correct.

You can adjust the width of the columns to make it look neater and easier to read, if you like.

Now you have learned an additional way of organizing your address book to make it even more efficient to use.

Having contacts organized by sheet will help you find exactly what you need when it is time to make a phone call, send a letter, or send an email to someone.

Now, it’s your turn: Duplicate your original sheet, Rename the reproduced sheet, Delete data from the sheet, except for the column header, Enter data for additional new contacts.

And widen the columns, if necessary.

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