Add a Checklist to Your Address Book Spreadsheet

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Sending mail like holiday or birthday cards, event invitations, and thank-you notes can be a fun way to keep in touch with people important to you.

Adding a checklist to your spreadsheet enables you to quickly and easily track whether you’ve sent a card with a single click.

In this extension, you will create a checklist by adding checkboxes to your address book spreadsheet.

You can click a checkbox for each person you’ve sent a card, letter, or note to.

This helps prevent mistakes and ensures that you are not forgetting anyone on your list.

You will: Insert a new column in your spreadsheet, Insert checkboxes, And click inside the boxes to indicate whether the task is complete for each person.

To begin, open the spreadsheet you created in the main lesson. Then, make a copy of it.

Next, insert a new column to the right of your Notes column.

Add a column heading label to describe what you are mailing or another type of task that you would like to track.

Now, insert checkboxes in the cells of the column.

You can delete checkboxes from cells for people in your address book who you don’t need to send mail to.

For example, you may only want to send a note to family and friends, but not your mechanic or landlord.

When you are ready to send cards, you can click inside the boxes that correspond to people you’ve already mailed.

Leave the boxes unchecked for the ones you are working on, have yet to send, or haven’t started working on yet.

Now you have a helpful and efficient way to keep track of sending cards and letters to people that matter to you.

When you’ve finished sending out your cards, letters, or notes to people, you can delete the column from your address book to keep it neat and organized for the next time you need to make another type of mailing checklist.

You can also use a checklist like this for other types of spreadsheets, like to keep track of a project, organize a shopping list, and other types of information.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your spreadsheet and make a copy, Insert a new column to the right of the Notes column, Label the column header with the task you want to track, Highlight cells in the new column and insert checkboxes, And click inside the boxes to indicate completed tasks.

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