Organize Your Document with a Table of Contents

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In this extension, you will create a table of contents in Google Docs to organize the different sections of your Asking for a Raise document.

The table of contents reflects the titles and headings in your document.

Each entry is also a link that takes you directly to that section of your document.

To start, open your “Asking for a Raise” document in a new tab in your browser.

If you can’t find your document, open it in drive.

Add a title to your document.

Then, format it as a “title.”

Next, make sure you have included headings at the top of each section of your text.

If your document does not include headings, add some now.

If you like, give your headings a different look by changing the font, size, or color.

To do this, highlight one of your headings.

Choose a font, size, and color.

Then, select your heading style from the dropdown, and update it to match the heading type style you created.

This updates all the headings in your document to the new style!

Click at the top of your document, and hit “enter” a couple of times to make room for a table of contents.

Then, insert your table of contents.

Select the format that includes a link for each heading.

For a longer document, you might choose the table of contents format with page numbers.

Click one of the links in the table of contents.

You automatically advance to that section of the document!

Creating a table of contents helps you keep a document organized as it changes.

As you add more titles and headings to your document, refresh your table of contents.

The new information will appear as a clickable link.

Now, it’s your turn: Add headings or update your existing headings, Insert a table of contents in your document, and Refresh your table of contents when you change information in your document.

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Create a table of contents in Google Docs to organize the different sections of your Asking for a Raise document.

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