5. Clean Up and Share Your Project Tracker

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By now, you have a project tracker in Google Sheets that tracks a number of tasks related to your project by due dates, ownership, and status.

In this video, you will improve the appearance of your tracker, so it is more readable and professional looking.

Then, you will share it with others.

To start, make the categories headers stand out more clearly.

To do that, highlight the text, and change the style.

Bold the text.

Make the type larger.

You can even change the text color if you like.

Next, change the column width for columns that need more room for text.

For example, adjust the notes column, so project team members who leave notes in your sheet have more room to write.

To ensure text fits inside the borders of a cell so it is easy to read, wrap the text.

To make the sheet more readable, change the size and style of the text.

This example links the project charter from the “Create A Project Charter” activity.

To link another file to your spreadsheet, open a new tab and go to Google Drive.

Find the file...

...and copy the link.

Then, return to the project tracker, and insert the link in the Resources column.

Once your sheet is easy to read and contains useful information about your project, it is ready to share.

Partner with another person in your class to exchange project trackers.

You don’t need to sit with your partner, but you do need to exchange names and email addresses.

Share your tracker.

Write a note about what you would like your partner to look at and do.

Check your email for the project tracker your partner shared with you.

Try using their project tracker.

Update the status of tasks.

Click on their links.

Write a note in the notes column.

If you have other feedback to give them, insert a comment.


  1. Change formatting.
  2. Collaborate with a partner.
  3. Share your tracker.
  4. Provide feedback.