1. Manage a Project with Digital Tools - Unit Introduction

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Welcome to Managing a Project with Digital Tools.

Every job in every field involves different responsibilities, tasks, and decisions.

You probably do many projects at work or in your personal life that require multiple steps and processes.

Project managers figure out specific tasks that need to be accomplished for a project to meet its goals, then make a plan for how to get them done.

In this unit, you will use online applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides to practice different parts of managing a project.

You can apply the project management and digital skills you learn in this unit to any responsibilities or tasks you might do at work or in your personal life.

In this unit, you will: ...create a Project Charter in Google Docs that communicates important details about your project to key people...

...make a Project Tracker in Google Sheets that shows the status of tasks and deadlines at a glance...

...build a Project Budget in Google Sheets that tracks your project’s estimated costs and expenses...

...and create a Progress Report Presentation in Google Slides for an audience that is interested in your project’s status.

Next, move on to one of the activities to get started.