3. Identify People Important to Your Project

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In this video, you will add decision makers involved in your project to your charter.

Listing the people who will contribute to a project’s success helps clarify roles and sets up a chain of responsibilities for work.

If roles are clear from the beginning, the project has a better chance of being successful.

To start, type a new subject heading on the charter page for “Key People.”

To include several pieces of information in a document, like names, positions, and contact information for key people, you could use a list.

But, a list can get long and be hard to read.

Instead, use a table, which divides text into rows and columns.

This allows you to organize the information in a way that is easy to skim and takes up less space.

To do this, insert a table under the “Key People” heading.

Create enough rows and columns in your table to include the names of all the people who will manage, support, or benefit from your project.

Include rows and columns for their roles, titles, and contact information.

Add an extra row at the top for column headings.

In your professional or personal project, key people might include a supervisor, co-workers, household members, or organizations like a school or club.

Your project might also have a sponsor.

The sponsor is the person who helps you get money, equipment, personnel, and resources to move the project forward.

This might be a manager, executive, or owner at your company, or it could be an outside donor or organization.

Name yourself as the project manager.

It is your job to oversee the project’s progress, ensure tasks are completed, and keep it on time and on budget so that you meet all your goals.

Other people in this list might include consultants, designers or architects, department heads, or supervisors.

List anyone else who could be considered a key person for your project.

Nice job.

Adding decision makers to a table in your document makes your charter useful for anyone interested in learning about your project.

Your table allows your audience to quickly see who is responsible for each key part of the project.

Once you have filled your table of key people, move on to the next video to add final details to your project charter.


  1. Add a Key People subject heading.
  2. Insert a Key People table.
  3. Add the people involved in your project to the table.