7. Getting Organized Before a Project Starts

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Congratulations on completing your project charter.

In this activity, you created a professional looking document that communicates the purpose, goals, and major details of a project you are managing or would like to manage.

Building a charter for your project gave you the opportunity to learn and practice some important project management skills.

You defined the purpose of your project and figured out the problem it will solve.

You set and refined your goals.

You identified key people involved with your project in order to define roles and responsibilities.

And, you added other important details to your project charter, which provides a strong framework for planning how the project work will get done.

You researched and identified potential problems that could put your timelines, budget, or overall project success at risk.

It allows anyone interested in your project to understand, support, and approve your work.

You could present this same information by writing several paragraphs in a document or even an email, but your project team would spend a lot of time and energy reading through the text to find the details they want to know.

Organizing details in a document using lists, tables, text formatting, and section headers are just a few ways to present information in a clear, concise way that a reader can quickly understand.

Digital skills can help you in any job or personal project that requires you to communicate and organize detailed information.