2. Define Purpose and Set Goals

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In this video, you will brainstorm ideas for your project.

Then, you'll formalize those ideas into a project charter that you can share with others.

First, type in a title that reflects a specific aspect of the real or imagined project you are managing or would like to manage.

Then format the text as “Title.”

Next, create a new page for brainstorming by inserting a page break at the end of your document.

Title this page “Brainstorming,” This new page is where you list all possible ideas before you add them to your charter.

Most projects fill a need or fix a problem.

Under “Brainstorm,” type: “What problem is this project trying to solve?”...

...and list some ideas.

Also consider the results your project will achieve.

Skip a few lines and type “What is the project’s purpose?” and list some answers.

Once you have brainstormed some ideas about the problem your project is trying to solve, and its purpose, finalize them on the project charter page.

Scroll back to the project charter page.

Under the title, type “Project Purpose.”

To keep your charter organized, format your section headers.

Highlight the section title, and select Heading 1.

Based on the ideas you recorded on the Brainstorming page, write a 2 or 3-sentence description of the project under the “Project Purpose” heading.

You can copy and paste text from your Brainstorming page into your Project Charter page to save time.

Next, return to your Brainstorming page to set project goals.

On the brainstorming page, list and refine your project goals.

Once you have set and refined 3 goals for your project, scroll back to your project charter page.

Create a new section for “Goals.”

To help organize this information, format it using a numbered list.

Type in your goals.

Each time you press enter, a new number will appear in your list for the next goal.

Nice work.

Your project charter describes what your project is and what it will accomplish in an easy-to-read format so decision makers and team members can understand and support it.


  1. Create a brainstorming list.
  2. Define the project purpose.
  3. Set goals.