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In this video, you will change the look of the document so it is professional-looking and easy to read.

First, center the title on the page.

If you like, bold the title or change the font style.

Streamline the look of your charter by changing your section heading styles.

Perhaps your organization has a recognized color scheme or your project fits a particular theme.

Add some personality to your charter by changing the text colors.

Highlight the text, then select a text color.

Remember to choose colors that are easy to read. Avoid light or very bright colors.

If your problems list has more than 2 items, make it a bulleted list, which is easier to read than a long block of text.

Format the look of your project charter based on your audience.

Project charters are usually reviewed by supervisors, team members, and perhaps clients, so it is important that your project charter look polished and professional.

Once you have finished formatting the text, add a section heading for administrative approvals.

Under the heading, insert a table.

Include rows and columns for each person’s role or position, and the date.

Finally, delete your Brainstorming page.

Now that you’ve finalized your charter, you can remove the ideas you developed during the planning stages.

Select the entire Brainstorming page, and delete the text.

In the future, if you want to see the Brainstorming page again, check your Version History.

All the dates and times the document was edited appear in a sidebar.

To see a previous version of the document, before recent changes were saved, click on any of the dated entries.

Scroll through your document, or use the up and down arrow icons, to see the edits.

The deleted brainstorming page is at the end of the document.

Return to the most recent version of the document by clicking the back arrow.

Great job.

Your document looks polished, professional, and appeals to your audience.


  1. Change the look of your charter by formatting the text. Make it bold, change the font size or style, or add color.
  2. Add an approvals section to your document.
  3. Insert a table for approvals.
  4. Delete the Brainstorming page.