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In this video, you will add more details to the project charter.

A detailed and well thought out charter explains your project to managers and decision makers so they can approve it.

It also gives you and your team a clear path to follow as the work progresses.

For example, potential problems might affect the budget and deadlines.

Use your project charter to plan ahead for problems, so they don’t keep you from meeting your project goals.

Add a new section to your project charter called “Potential Problems.”

Then, scroll down to your brainstorming page to list potential problems and setbacks.

That way, you can research and think through problems, then include them in your final project charter using more concise and professional language.

One way to get more information about potential problems a project might encounter is by doing an internet search.

You can often find lists of commonly experienced problems in trade publications and industry websites on the internet.

For example, typing the words “typical problems, construction projects” into Google Search brings up several results.

You will find links to different online resources, such as articles about the construction industry, information about local construction projects and costs, and resources from construction management courses.

Additionally, brainstorm some problems that could occur internally, on your own team or in your workplace.

In the park project, someone might go on a leave of absence, or bad weather might cause delays.

Include as many problems as you can think of on your brainstorming page.

Then, list the most important or likely ones on the charter page using more concise, professional language.

Listing problems in your project charter allows your audience to offer you ideas about how to avoid or solve those issues, or to add their own ideas that you may not have considered.

Other details to add to your project charter include budgets and deadlines.

These sections will vary in the amount of detail depending on the type of project you are managing.


  1. Brainstorm and research potential problems for your project on your brainstorming page.
  2. Add the list of potential problems to your charter.
  3. Add a budget number, deadlines, and other details to your project charter.