3. Write Your Stories

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In this video, you will add stories to your family newsletter.

The stories and other items you add are the most important part of your newsletter.

Sharing your family’s accomplishments and adventures will help relatives and friends feel closer to you.

By using the ideas that you turned into headlines, you can compose all of your stories to show off your family.

To begin, write a short introduction to the newsletter.

Use your introduction to get your relatives and friends excited to hear your news.

Format it to make the text look different from the stories you will be writing.

Then, add your first story.

Each story should cover the topic in a few sentences in your own style, whether humorous, direct, or otherwise.

Not all stories need to be the same length.

Only add enough detail to tell your relatives and friends about what’s going on in your own family’s lives.

It is okay to tell about challenges your family has faced, but you want to focus on positive news when possible.

Include dates and other specific details when it is important to the story you are sharing.

If you are adding a recipe or other item that is not a typical story, use the format that fits what you are adding.

For example, a recipe should include the ingredients in list form.

Complete each of your stories.

You can always add more later before you send your newsletter.

Or you can save additional family news, stories, and other fun items for the next newsletter!

Now, it’s your turn: Add an introduction, And add stories for each of your headlines.


  1. Add an introduction.
  2. Add stories for each of your headlines.