5. Share Your Newsletter with Others

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In this lesson, you will share your family newsletter with relatives and friends.

After you complete your family newsletter, you can share it with your relatives and friends.

Before sending it, you might want some help completing it or feedback on your newsletter.

Once your newsletter is finished, share it or send it in an email to get it to your relatives and friends quickly.

If you want someone to help you with your newsletter, you can share it directly from the document you created.

Add the email addresses of the people you would like to send it to.

And include a brief message.

Make sure the newsletter is set to edit, if you want others to make changes.

Set it to comment if you would prefer suggestions.

Then, you can view the edits or suggestions, and make any changes you need to.

When your newsletter is complete, share it so your relatives and friends can see it.

If a recipient does not have a Gmail account, they will still be able to view your newsletter using a link they will get when you share it.

If you would prefer, send your newsletter in an email.

To begin, download your newsletter as a PDF. A PDF is a type of file that is easy to print and send to others without changes being made to it.

Then, open your Gmail.

Compose a new email to one or more of your relatives and friends.

In the subject line, let the recipients of your email know your purpose for emailing them.

Add a brief message with a greeting, and explain more about your newsletter, especially if this is the first one you have sent.

Then, attach your newsletter, And send your email!

Now, it’s your turn: Share your family newsletter, Download it as a PDF, And attach it to an email.


  1. Share your family newsletter.
  2. Download it as a PDF.
  3. Attach it to an email.