2. Plan Your Family’s Stories

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In this lesson, you will plan your family newsletter by adding notes to keep track of your ideas.

Planning a family newsletter will help you decide what to include.

Family newsletters usually include recent news about events in your family members’ lives.

But you could also add family history, recipes, and stories or even jokes your family likes to your newsletter.

You can include anything that makes your family special.

To begin, add a title and date for your newsletter.

Your title could be something simple and straightforward, or something clever or funny.

Choose a style that best fits your family.

Then, center your title and date to make it in the format of a newsletter.

Next, begin to add the ideas you might use for your stories.

Think of headlines that could introduce the stories.

Add a blank line after each headline to leave room for your stories.

Your family newsletter should be fun and show your family’s personality, but sharing your family news in an organized format will make it easier to read.

You can ask other family members for their input as well.

You want enough stories and other items for the newsletter to fill up at least one page.

Focus on the things you think your relatives and friends will find most interesting and enjoyable to read about.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a title and date, And add headlines for story ideas.


  1. Add a title and date.
  2. Add headlines for story ideas.