4. Format Your Newsletter

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In this lesson, you will format your text and arrange your stories into a newsletter format to make them easier to read. While your relatives and friends will be excited to read all about your family, you want to make the newsletter as user-friendly as possible.

To do this, you can format all of your stories and the rest of your text as a newsletter.

You can format your newsletter any way you want, but a newsletter format typically contains the following: A title in a unique font, several stories with headlines, and the stories placed in more than one column.

To begin, format your title.

Choose a different font to make it unique from the rest of the text and make it larger.

Format your date line as well.

Then, format your headlines to set them apart from the text in the stories.

Next, separate the stories in the newsletter into two columns.

Make the text larger if you have more room in the second column.

If one of the stories is divided between two columns, insert a break before the headline of that story.

Then, follow all of the same steps to format any other pages in your newsletter.

Now, it’s your turn: Format your title and date, Format your headlines, And create two columns for your stories.


  1. Format your title and date.
  2. Format your headlines.
  3. Create two columns for your stories.