Update Your Newsletter with Word Art

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In this video, you will add word art to your family newsletter to update its look.

Word art is a way to add effects to the appearance of text.

Adding word art to a family newsletter can make the design of your newsletter even more unique.

Your family can choose word art that represents your family in some way.

Or you can just have fun designing word art that you think looks good!

To begin, open your newsletter.

Then, choose text that could be emphasized or enhanced.

The title of your newsletter is a great place to start.

You can copy it, so it is saved for you when you make your word art.

Next, add a drawing to your newsletter. Word art is found in the Drawings app.

Paste your newsletter title, and save it.

Then, format your word art. You can change the font and color of the words.

And the color of the border around the words.

You can also change how thick the border is, and the border style you want to use.

As you format your word art, you can save it at any time to see how it looks in your newsletter.

Then, you can go back to the word art to edit it if you need to.

Next, you can replace other words or phrases in your newsletter with word art.

Or you can add new word art to update the look of the newsletter.

And format it to make it unique.

Now, it’s your turn: Change your title to word art, Format your word art, And add more word art to your newsletter.

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