Add Images to Your Family Newsletter

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In this video, you will add images to your family newsletter.

Sharing news and stories about your family in your newsletter will help you stay connected to your relatives and friends. Adding images to your newsletter, such as photographs, can make that connection even more personal. To begin, open your newsletter.

Decide which images you would like to include in your newsletter. You can include: Photos, Memes, Images from the web, Or any other still image you would like.

Then, find the place in your newsletter where you would like to add your first image.

Images are often placed after the headlines of stories. If you are using a photo or other image saved in your Drive or your Photos app, add it. Images might be automatically formatted for you, but you can still adjust the size of the image if you need to.

Continue adding your images.

If an image is saved elsewhere on your computer, upload it directly into your newsletter.

If you do not have a photo to go with a certain story, search the web to find an image to go with the story.

Search for the image.

And make sure you have the right to use the image.

Then, add the image.

Adding images may have changed the way your newsletter looks.

Your newsletter might need another page to fit everything.

If a story is on two different pages, move the entire story onto one page.

If you are using two columns, keep each story in its own column as well.

Now, it’s your turn: Add images to your stories, And reformat your newsletter.

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