Add Emojis to Your Family Newsletter

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In this video, you add emojis to your family newsletter.

Making a family newsletter is a fun way to communicate your family’s news with friends and relatives. When you create your newsletter, you can add your own special details to make it represent you and your family’s personalities. Using emojis in place of words is a unique way to add some flair to your family newsletter. To begin, open your newsletter.

Read through your first story to find a place for an emoji.

Your title and introduction have already been formatted, so starting with your first story adds an element of surprise for those reading it. As you read, look for words that name people, places, or things.

Or words that describe feelings.

Then, add an emoji where it best fits within the sentence, or before or after the sentence.

You can also replace a word with an emoji.

Make sure your relatives and friends will be able to understand the meaning of the emoji you are using.

Continue adding emojis to your newsletter.

Add only enough in each story to break up the text and make it more fun to read.

If you add too many emojis, the story might get cluttered or become overly long.

If you do not know where to find a certain emoji, you can search for it.

Though there is not an emoji for every word, conducting a search can help you determine if what you are looking for is available.

If there is more than one choice that appears in your search, choose the one you prefer.

You can add emojis to each of your stories, even if they are in a different format, such as a list or a recipe.

When you have added all of your emojis, review your newsletter to make sure your emojis fit well and your newsletter is still formatted in the way you want.

Now, it’s your turn: Find words in your stories for emojis, Add emojis to your stories, And review your newsletter.

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