6. Give and Receive Feedback Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you gave and received effective feedback in Google Docs.

First, you created an invitation. Then, you shared that invitation with a partner and asked for specific feedback.

You wrote a note to your partner explaining the purpose of your invitation, its audience, and what you wanted them to look for.

You used the comment feature in Google Docs to give your partner the feedback they asked for.

And you followed a checklist to keep your feedback: Specific Actionable Encouraging And you filled in the blanks in the sample sentences to help you write useful feedback.

Then, you reviewed the comments your partner left for you in your invitation, and you revised your invitation based on their feedback.

You also learned how to provide written feedback in Google Docs and how to use that feedback to create a document that is appropriate and informative for its audience.

Giving thoughtful, effective feedback is an important communication skill.

You might ask for or provide feedback in many professional and personal situations.

For example, you could ask for feedback on a: Meeting agenda An outline for a school paper An email to your supervisor Or a list of activities for a work celebration Or, a classmate or colleague might ask for your feedback on one of these items. You can also collaborate to give and receive feedback in other digital applications, such as Google Slides and Google Sheets.

Anytime someone asks for your opinion or ideas, you are giving feedback. Listening to what others have to say about your work can help you improve and refine almost any project.

Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that takes practice.

Comments that are too harsh, too general, or that are badly timed can make someone feel defensive and may not help them improve or grow.

As you continue to give and receive feedback, you will learn the best ways to help someone improve their work while using a helpful and encouraging tone.

You will also learn to incorporate feedback that you receive, without taking it too personally.

Keep asking for feedback to improve your professional and personal projects.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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