Turn on Notifications for Document Changes

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When you’ve asked someone to give you feedback on a document you’ve written, it is useful to know when they’ve commented or made a suggestion. They can email you after they’re finished, or you can set up your Google account to notify you when someone else has made changes to your document.

In this extension, you will turn on notifications in Google Drive and Google Docs. You will check your email inbox for a notice that your document has been edited. And you will revisit your document to review suggested edits. To start, create a new tab in your browser, and open Google Drive.

Open your Settings.

Click on the Notifications menu.

Choose the option to be notified by email whenever a change is made to one of your files in Drive.

If someone makes a comment or a change to any of your files in Drive, you will be sent an email.

You can also choose to be notified in your browser.

A message will pop up in your internet browser whenever your files have been changed.

If you would like to update notifications in a specific document, do that directly in Google Docs.

Open the announcement you created and shared with your partner.

Then, open the comments thread to find the notification settings.

Choose which type of notifications you would like to receive.

You can be notified any time a comment is made in the document.

When a comment is added, you will receive an email linking you directly to that specific comment, so you don’t have to scroll through a long document to find the edit.

Or, choose to be notified when your name is tagged in the comment.

If you like, you can turn off notifications for this document.

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