Review Changes Using Version History

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In this extension, you will use Version History in Google Docs to review any changes made to your document. If you don’t remember an edit that was made or a conversation that was recorded in resolved comments, you can use the version history to find any changes made to the document since its creation. To start, open the final version of the announcement you created and shared with your partner in the main activity.

Whenever a change is made to your document, it’s saved automatically.

To review the history, click the link.

Each version of the document is listed in the sidebar.

The person who made the changes is also listed.

Select the version of the document you want to review.

That version will appear in the window, and all the edits will be shown in a different color.

The specific times and changes each edit was made also are shown.

If you want to label one of the versions so you can reference it later, name it.

To revert your document back to this version and remove all changes to the current version, restore the selected version of the document. Or, return to the current document.

Next, review all the comments made in the document, including comments that have been resolved.

Reopen a comment to continue that conversation.

Now, it’s your turn: Review the Version History of your document, Revert your document to a previous version, if you’d like Review the comments made in your document, And reopen an old comment thread to continue the discussion.

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