Request Feedback with a Survey

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Asking for feedback can involve just one person, such as a supervisor, or it can involve many people, such as a group of customers or team members. You might ask for feedback on a specific event, such as a Workshop, Class, Or conference, Or you might want feedback to help you improve a process in your workplace, such as Customer service responses, Vacation scheduling, Or employee conduct guidelines. When asking for feedback from a group, it’s useful to provide a survey with specific questions to answer, instead of a general request for comments.

In this extension, you will ask for feedback from a group of people. You will create a survey in Google Forms and send it to multiple people to get opinions on an event or process.

To start, create a new tab in your browser, and open Google Forms.

Review the available templates to see if any of the feedback forms are relevant to you, such as Customer Feedback, Event Feedback, or a Course Evaluation.

If you need a different type of feedback, create a blank form.

Then, give it a title.

Add a description of the specific event, performance, or process you want feedback on. Be clear and specific about the type of feedback you want to receive so survey takers focus their comments. Then, build the survey by adding questions.

The type of question you choose depends on what you’re asking.

Choose a linear scale for questions about a rating from 1 to 5, for example.

Checkboxes are useful when you want to allow respondents more than one answer.

Or select multiple choice when only one answer is allowed.

When you’re looking for a more detailed and open-ended response, create a short answer or paragraph question type.

When you’ve finished adding questions, update the theme of the form to match your survey topic, if you’d like.

Then, preview the form.

When you’re happy with how it looks, review the Responses settings.

To see and implement your feedback more quickly, choose to be notified by email whenever you get a new survey response. Finally, request feedback.

Add the email addresses of your chosen audience, and update the message to explain what kind of feedback you need. Or, add your own email address and imagine the message you might write to a group you’re soliciting feedback from.

Send the form.

After the survey recipients have completed the form, review the responses.

Analyze the data in charts and text...

Or in spreadsheet form.

Use what you’ve collected to improve your performance for next time.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a form, and give it a title and description.

Add questions to your form to create your survey. Update the form’s appearance and settings.

Send the survey, and ask for specific feedback in the message.

And review the responses to improve your future work.

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