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In this video, you will search Google Photos to find the images you need.

To begin, look through your photos to see how they appear. Your photos are organized by date, from most recent to oldest. Determine if there are any photos you would like to delete. This will help you save space and declutter your picture library.

As your picture library grows over time, it can become difficult to find the photos you need.

Searching for photos can help!

Many devices capture when and where photos were taken.

Google Photos makes this information searchable.

For example, you may want to find the photos you took while celebrating your birthday last year, or relive moments from the summer.

You can also search for photos by location, such as your favorite restaurant or a nearby city.

If location data is missing, you can add it manually.

Add location information for three or more photos.

You can also find photos by automatically generated “Albums”.

The photos you’ve marked “favorite”, those with people in them, or taken at different locations, are automatically grouped in their own albums.

If you have “Face Grouping” turned on, you can add the names of the people featured in your photos.

This helps you further organize your images and gives you more ways to search.

For example, if you don’t remember when or where a picture was taken, you can search based on who is in the photo.

Now, it’s your turn: Delete unwanted photos, Search for photos by date and location, Add location information, And add the names of the people in your photos.


  1. Delete unwanted photos.
  2. Search for photos by date and location.
  3. Add location information.
  4. Add the names of the people in your photos.