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You have practiced organizing your photos and searching in different ways so you can find them easily.

In this extension, you will get creative with your photos and create an animation, which you can keep for yourself, share with friends and family or use for a project at work.

Animations are images that play in succession in an ongoing loop.

Animations can be fun to watch.

They add movement to your photos and help you visually tell a story.

To get started, go to Google Photos and open the Animations album.

Think about what your animation will be about.

Keep your animation focused on a specific topic.

Look for the photos that represent your topic.

You need at least two, and can add as many as 50!

For this lesson, select at least five photos.

You can find photos using any of the methods you practiced in the main lesson.

You can search for images without losing the photos you have already selected.

The number of photos you include will depend on your audience, how long you want the animation to be, and what you are trying to communicate or show.

Review the photos you’ve selected for your animation.

Once you create the animation, you will not be able to make any changes to it.

But you can always create a new one and delete unwanted versions.

Animations are a great way to organize and enjoy your photos.

They can help you engage with an audience and express concepts with movement, which can be fun and interesting to watch.

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Photos, Select photos for your animation, And create an animation.

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Create an Animation

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