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In this extension, you will create a collage with your photos in Google Photos.

A collage is a collection of photos in a single frame.

With a collage, you can visually express more of a story or concept than with a single photo.

You can include a variety of different photos to make it fun and more expressive.

Collages typically have a main theme or are centered around a topic or an event.

You might create one to celebrate your friendships, a historic event or highlights from a work-related project.

To begin, go to Google Photos.

Choose the ‘Collage’ album to make a new one.

Select up to nine photos to add to your collage.

Scroll through your photos to find images in chronological order, or search for specific photos to find them more quickly.

Use different tags or any of the default options.

After finalizing your collage, add a filter to give it a different effect.

Try different options until you find the right one.

To continue enjoying your collage, you can print it or use it as a screensaver.

You might also want to share it with others so they can enjoy it too!

Now, it’s your turn: Open Google Photos, Create a new collage, Select photos for your collage, And add a filter.

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